Travel Tips

I am frequently asked for my top travel tips. A part from the usual “get to the airport early,” “pack snacks,” and “dress comfy chic” (because you never know who you’re going to meet), the following are the least commonly talked about travel woes.

  • How to Combat Jet Lag: To fight jet lag, I use the essential oil blend that can be found in the Wellness section of my blog, under “Not-Your-Average Travel Kit.” Additionally, if you are landing in the morning, try to sleep the entire way (melatonin is a great option). If you land in the evening, try to stay awake the whole duration of your flight. That way, your body can adapt to local time at a much faster rate.
  • Nausea Based on Motion Sickness: Unfortunately, if natural selection had to weed out those who become nauseous via motion sickness I would be long gone. As soon as the ride becomes bumpy, nausea hits me every time. My go-to is a vile of Cocculus Indicus. I know it sounds like a Harry Potter spell, and to be quite honest I’m not entirely convinced that it’s not, because this stuff is MAGIC! Works way better than Dramamine, and the fact that it’s 100% natural is a hugely added bonus. Pop a few of these bad boys prior to your wild ride, or as soon as you feel the nausea coming. What is it exactly? It’s a homeopathic remedy that is therapeutically active micro-doses of mineral, botanical and biological substances. You can find them at Sprouts, Whole Foods Body Store and, of course, Amazon.
  • Bring a Collapsible Refillable Water Bottle: It’ll go through security empty, and you can fill them on the other side. Most airports nowadays have water fountains that accommodate refillable water bottles. You’ll save money by not having to spend $7 for an 8oz bottle at Hudson News. Pro Tip: For DIY alkaline water, add a squeeze of lime and about a teaspoon of Pink Himalayan Salt into the refillable water bottle before leaving home. After adding the fountain water, give it a little shake and let sit for about 5 minutes before drinking. The combination of the acidity in lime and the minerals in Pink Himalayan Salt will cause the water to go from base to alkaline.
  • Constipation, Upset Stomach, Travel Sickness: 4-words: Ginger and Peppermint tea. I carry several packets around with me because most ginger ales cannot be trusted with ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, citric acid and “natural flavors” (whatever that means). A lot of the time ginger won’t even be listed as an ingredient! So you know the benefits of ginger most definitely are not present. I also love Samahan tea. My good friend Trang introduced me to this Ayurvedic healing beverage. It will knock out a cold before it even has a chance to fully develop.
  • Dry Skin: For long domestic or international flights, I like to bring several moisturizing sheet masks. One to wear in-flight, one for the eve of arrival, and one for the return flight home. They’re super cheap (typically $0.99) and very accessible. I also avoid coffee and alcohol while in the air, and stick to water.
  • Swelling and Bloating: My hands, feet, and stomach tend to swell and bloat when in the air. While getting situated, I like to take off and safely store my jewelry (I have a Tumi Travel Jewelry Case) and I immediately take off my shoes and swap for cozy socks and light slippers, even when traveling during the summer. I, also, am sure to have the essential oil blend that can be found in Wellness under “Not-Your-Average Travel Kit.” Additionally, I carry Activated Charcoal capsules with me, as they provide instant relief, especially in combination with the essential oil blend. Pro Tip: Activated Charcoal is great for “curing” hangovers, and you can even pop them open and sprinkle on your toothbrush for natural teeth whitening. The charcoal, commonly made from charred coconut or bamboo, binds with and removes toxins from your intestine and bloodstream .
  • Bug Bites: If you’re traveling somewhere tropical or planning on spending time outdoors, the essential oil blend that can be found in Wellness section under “Not-Your-Average Travel Kit” has a great recipe for insect deterrent and disinfectant cleanse.
  • Anxiety with Flying: I don’t particularly get anxious when flying, a part from being “over it” and ready to land after a while, but I do understand that a lot of people suffer tremendously. The essential oil blend that can be found in Wellness under “Not-Your-Average Travel Kit” has a recipe to help ease anxiety overall, not just with flying. You can also look to Ignatia Amara, another homeopathic remedy that can be found at Sprouts, Whole Foods Body Store and Amazon.
  • Traveling with Liquids: How awful is it when you open your bag after a long flight only to find that some of your liquids, be it perfume, lotion, or body wash, have spilled everywhere?! In order to prevent any spills and thrills, I open the liquid container and take a small square of plastic wrap to cover it, prior to closing the container. Not rocket science, but truly life changing.
  • Comfort in Economy: My good friend Ash introduced me to the Cabeau Memory Foam Neck Pillow and now you’ll never catch me flying without it! It is so comfortable, I even use it at home at times. Sure its a bit pricey ($39.99), but so is having a knot in your neck! Think of it an investment in self. Whether you’re sitting in first class or economy, this pillow is so comfortable!

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