Current Favorites: Make-Up Edition

Lately, I have been loving the concept of a quick and easy look. So much so, that I used said love as an excuse to explore new (to me) products that would help me achieve an effortless allure. During this quest, I stumbled upon some key players that have earned permanent residence in my make-up bag. Here is the starting line-up:

  1. Liquid Lash Extensions by Thrive Causemetics
    I have tried just about every mascara under the sun and this is by far my favorite. It lengthens my confidence to new heights, and does so without clumping or smudging. Sure it’s a bit pricey for a mascara, but you really get your money’s worth AND a portion of sales goes to charity. Not to mention it is cruelty free and made using clean ingredients.
  1. Mented Gloss for Grown Ups
    Finally a line of nude lip products for women of color! I’m very much a lip gloss loving lady, so finding this brand was a dream. The colors are absolutely perfect and will have your lips feeling soft and looking luscious.

  2. Laura Mercier Caviar Shadow Stick
    Get the shade of gold that is right for your skin tone and you will look radiant without even really trying every. single. day. The subtle shimmer dances in the light (both florescent and sun), and it is beyond easy to apply. You don’t even necessarily need to use a brush! Just smudge and do a little tap+spread combo with one of your fingers et voila.

  3. Milk Hydro Grip Primer
    If you don’t prime your face before applying make-up, it’s time to start, sis. This particular product is great because it uses clean ingredients, moisturizes, and holds your look in place all day long.

  4. Sigma Beauty Spa Express Brush Cleaning Mat
    Washing your brushes is so necessary, but lets face it, it sucks. This cleaning mat changed the game for me. You stick it to your sink, add a little brush soap and just glide the bristles through the fibers. Now it is easier to stay on top of keeping my brushes spic and span. Remember: clean brushes = clean skin.

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