Coco Kind Natural Skincare

On the quest to flawless skin, I’ve recently been looking more into skincare products that use all natural ingredients. I’m talking being able to recognize and pronounce everything listed. Upon this journey, I was blessed by Coco Kind with a package that consisted of one of everything in their product line, at the time:

My Matcha All Over Moisturizing Stick–so awesome, I’d use this mostly as chapstick

Turmeric Spot Treatment Stick–worked great on scars of acnes past, and on freshly popped pimples

Organic Facial Cleansing Oil–gentle, able to remove most makeup, balancing

Organic Seamoss Exfoliator–very gentle exfoliator, leaves your skin looking polished

Organic Rose Water Facial Toner–smells amazing, feels refreshing

Organic Facial Repair Serum–helped even out my skin tone and texture

Organic Chlorophyll Mask–rejuvenated and detoxed at the same damn time

It’s safe to say that I am obsessed. Their products are so gentle, yet effective, and are great for every skin type (oily, sensitive, acne prone, combination, dry). I personally have combination skin, being more oily adjacent, and I’ve found that my oil production is more balanced while my dryer areas remain moisturized and radiant. Coco Kind is available online and even at Whole Foods! They have since expanded their line and I can not wait to try their new products.

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