10 Housewarming Gifts Under $50

My mother taught me to never go to someone’s house empty-handed, especially when visiting for the first time. As a very social 20-something, this practice of etiquette can become real expensive real fast. I have put together a list of out-of-the-ordinary gifts that people will actually enjoy receiving and use, all for under $50!

  1. Wine Enthusiast Electric Wine Opener–$37.99
    I was given one of these, from my friends Sang-Hee and Jung-Woo, as a housewarming gift and was beyond thrilled! You will no longer have to struggle to open or risk losing or breaking the cork. Major game changer.

  2. White Marble Cheese Knives (Set of 4)–$29.50
    Perfect for your charcuterie board loving friend! These are super cute, very well made, and of great value.

  3. The Sill Money Tree--$39
    Instead of gifting flowers that wilt within a few days, your friends will be able to enjoy a plant for much longer–all while attracting more abundance into their home.

  4. Stainless Steel Herb Saver–$32.95
    Who doesn’t love to use fresh herbs when cooking? Only downside is if you don’t use them all in one go, they don’t last very long. With this stainless steel herb saver you naturally extend the shelf life.

  5. Kabob Grilling Basket (Set of 4)–$14.29
    Great for your newlywed friends who have a backyard and plan to entertain.

  6. Giochi di Carta Humble Abode Spatula–$12
    Very cute, simple, and to the point gift.

  7. Stemmed Wine Glass and Decanter Set–$28.99
    Although people tend to be picky when it comes to their glassware, this is a great starter that really elevates the adulting game.

  8. Rose Smudge and Stoneware Dish–$18-$28
    Perfect for your spiritual friend who would love to cleanse and protect the energy of their new abode.

  9. New Home Candle–$30
    Since everyone has particular fragrances that they prefer it can be hard to gift a set of candles; however, this one is neutral and guaranteed to be appreciated.

  10. Truff Hot Sauce Bundle Pack–$34.19
    Your foodie friend, or anyone who loves a kick of flavor, will thank you tremendously.

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